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Helping athletes and families achieve peak performance and optimal health. ​

We believe in uncompromising quality Chiropractic Care and Manual Medicine in order to ensure our patients and clients find resolution to their complaints and achieve their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. We do not let insurance companies dictate what we can or can't do for our patients in hopes of making it a "deal". Rather, we choose to use our clinical expertise and full scope of practice from multiple backgrounds of education to ensure that you receive RESULTS. Regardless, patients and clients that achieve results faster, pay less in total as they require far fewer visits. The best part? If the discounts options we offer still don't apply to you, you can charge your insurance FSA/HSA card in office as if it were a debit card, or request an itemized receipt to send in to your insurance company to be reimbursed. 

Our goal is to first help you recover and overcome the physical limitations from the stressors in your life, whether that is an acute trauma or a chronic condition. Once we get you back to doing the physical activities you love, we optimize your physical and mental capacities with continual preventative care so you can perform your best. 

When your body is under stress, your mind is also over worked as you attempt to focus on daily or important tasks. The nervous system is repeatedly sending signals to the brain requesting assistance for the ailment it is experiencing until the condition is healed. This often leads to chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, depression, and many more subtle mental states. Taking care of your body, healing injuries, and getting to the actual root cause of the pain allows your mind to stay focused on what is really important in your life: whether that is work, relationships, family, hobbies, athletics, etc. 

Pain is often the driving factor to get chiropractic care among other medical modalities, however relief of pain is only the first step. Pain is not a normal state to live in, at any age. Age is not a disease, so just because you hit a new decade does not entitle you to life long pain. As a Sports Chiropractor, Dr. Winthrop will use Chiropractic adjustments among numerous other modalities to ensure you achieve the fastest results possible in your pain relief program. However, once pain is alleviated, that is when you will see the true difference Chiropractic care can offer. Increased range of motion, increased muscular strength, and increased joint position sense are a few of the most common benefits of maintenance or wellness care. Regular Chiropractic care will also help prevent degenerative arthritis from developing in your spine and extremity joints. 

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