Free Consultation

Do you have any questions about your condition or Chiropractic in general that you would like answers or insight to? Curious as to what sets Dr. Winthrop apart from other Massage Therapists? Book your free consultation to get a private, complimentary consultation from Dr. Winthrop

Initial Examination & Treatment


Dr. Winthrop will begin with a consultation to answer any of your questions before performing a detailed examination of your complaint. If your complaint is something that can be treated by Dr. Winthrop, you will receive your first treatment the same day. 

Standard Return Treatment


Visits may include any combination of the following treatments: 
Spinal Adjusting, Extremity Adjusting, Low Force Adjusting, Myofascial/Muscle Release, Scraping, Heat, Kinesiology Taping, Corrective Exercises, Electric Stimulation, Health Coaching

Quick Return Treatment


The Quick Return Treatment for a Chiropractic Adjustment is offered for those who want the benefit of the Chiropractic Adjustment, without paying for the other modalities. No muscle release, coaching, or other modalities will be offered during this shorter session.

Massage or Manual Therapy


Dr. Winthrop can perform these sessions as standalone treatments to aid your healing process, or as apart of Chiropractic program.  As a Licensed Massage Practitioner, Dr. Winthrop is able to blend the comforting aspects of massage and the highly trained and skilled therapeutic benefits you need into one session. 

Mind & Movement Chiropractic

Costa Mesa

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 


555 Anton Blvd,

Suite 150

Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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